Course Formats

Lectures (“Vorlesungen”): Attendance is not required, but you are obliged to learn the content of and take exams for certain required lecture-style courses (“Pflichtvorlesungen”).

Introductory seminars and seminars (“Proseminare” and “Seminare”): In order to participate in an introductory seminar or seminar, registration is often required. Regular participation is important, i.e. you may only miss up to four weekly hours, for which you must present legitimate excuses of absence (e.g. Doctor’s notes for sickness), which will be reviewed.

Introductory seminars, ‘practice’ or ‘drill’ courses (Übung): You have experienced the introductory and relevant prerequisite courses and are interested in seminars. Diploma: The introductory courses and introductory seminars are required for all majors! Teaching degree (“Lehramt”): An introductory course (i.e. introductory seminar) and drill course are required (see LVO über die Erste Staatsprüfung i.d.F.v. 8.09.1999 Anhang B Nr. 20) to the methods of the biblical sciences (OT or NT)!

Seminars: Diploma: In addition to the obligatory seminar certificate, one graded certificate from each other subject may be included to count as 25% of the grade (provided that the corresponding exam is passed, see DPO § 10 Abs. 3). Teaching degree: The grades of the seminar certificates from the base and central studies are not calculated as a part of the subject grades. In cases of ungraded but established qualifications (demonstrated through previous success), there must be an explanatory note.