DAS GC – Dynamic Aspects of Stress at Work

The DAS graduate college (DAS GC) investigates the dynamics of stress originating from work-related demands. Psychological stress at work frequently has serious consequences on employees and can lead to burnout, depression and psychosomatic complaints. Moreover, psychological stress could also have extremely severe economic effects on organizations as well as on entire economies. In order to better understand stress-related outcomes and their consequences it is necessary to identify characteristics of the dynamic trajectories during the development of stress and during recovery. This has hardly been investigated so far. Therefore the interdisciplinary DAS GC will focus its research on this aspect.

Several PhD students and postdocs will be granted a scholarship for two years. In addition, there will be a structured program. Time dependent, i.e. dynamic processes of stress and coping with stress will be integrated into economic models, time-related effects of stress will be analyzed over varying periods of time, the consequences of different schemes of stress-related processes are described in dependence on time and the dynamic interplay of work-related stress and recovering periods among double-income couples will be investigated.
The following persons are involved in the project: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Verena Haun (FB 02), Prof. Dr. Thomas Rigotti (FB 02), and Prof. Dr. Christian Dormann (FB 03), Prof. Dr. Klaus Wälde (FB 03).