13.08.2019 New study accepted in Journal of Chemical Ecology by Sprenger PP, Hartke J, Feldmeyer B, Orivel J, Schmitt T, Menzel F: "Influence of Mutualistic Lifestyle, Mutualistic Partner, and Climate on Cuticular Hydrocarbon Profiles in Parabiotic Ants."
16.7.2019 New study accepted in Genome Biology and Evolution by Hartke J, Schell T, Jongepier E, Schmidt H, Sprenger PP, Paule J, Bornberg-Bauer E, Schmitt T, Menzel F, Pfenninger M, Feldmeyer B: "Hybrid genome assembly of a neotropical mutualistic ant."
3.7.2019 New study accepted in Ecology and Evolution by Hartke J*, Sprenger PP*, Sahm J, Winterberg H, Orivel J, Baur H, Beuerle T, Schmitt T, Feldmeyer B*, Menzel F* (*authors contributed equally): "Cuticular hydrocarbons as potential mediators of cryptic species divergence in a mutualistic ant association"
27.06.2019 Congratulations to Philip Kohlmeier, who received the Boehringer Ingelheim award for his PhD thesis. Every year, one excellent PhD thesis in the Faculty of Biology is rewarded.
21.05.2019 New study accepted in Ecology and Evolution by Grevé M, Houadria M, Andersen A, Menzel F: "Niche differentiation in rainforest ant communities across three continents"
09.05.2019 New study accepted in Journal of Experimental Biology by Peng, T, Segers FHID, Nascimento, FS, Grüter C.: "Resource profitability, but not caffeine affects individual and collective foraging in the stingless bee Plebeia droryana."
09.05.2019 New study accepted in Behavioral Ecology by Baudier K, Ostwald M, Grüter C, Segers F, Roubik D, Pavlic T, Pratt S, Fewell J.: "Changing of the guard: mixed specialization and flexibility in nest defense (Tetragonisca angustula)."
09.05.2019 New study accepted in Scientific Reports by Negroni, MA, Foitzik S, Feldmeyer S.: "Long-lived Temnothorax ant queens switch from investment in immunity to antioxidant production with age."
09.05.2019 New study accepted in Molecular Ecology by Alleman, A., Stoldt, M., Feldmeyer, B., Foitzik, S: "Tandem-Running and Scouting Behavior is Characterized by Up-Regulation of Learning and Memory Formation Genes within the Ant Brain."
11.03.2019 Congratulations to Dr. Sara Beros for her successful PhD defence! All the best for the future, Sara!
22.01.2019 Congratulations to Dr. Max Körner who successfully defended his PhD thesis! We wish all the best for the future!