04.12.2018 New study accepted in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B by Kaur R, Stoldt M, Jongepier E, Feldmeyer B, Menzel F, Bornberg-Baur E, Foitzik: "Ant behaviour and brain gene expression of defending hosts depend on the ecological success of the intruding social parasite."
04.12.2018 New study accepted in Molecular Ecology by Kohlmeier P, Alleman A, Libbrecht R, Foitzik S, Feldmeyer B: "Gene expression is more strongly associated with behavioural specialisation than with age or fertility in ant workers."
04.12.2018 New study accepted in Animal Behaviour by Beros S, Menzel F, Foitzik S: " Parasitism and queen presence interactively shape worker behaviour and fertility in an ant host."
28.11.2018 We congratulate Austin Alleman for his successful PhD defence! Well done and all the best for your next steps!
21.09.2018 Welcome to our new PhD students Marina Choppin and Anissa Kennedy and visiting PhD Student Jamille Veiga from the University of Parà!!!
21.09.2018 New study accepted in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology by C Grüter: "Repeated switches from cooperative to selfish worker oviposition during stingless bee evolution."
21.09.2018 We have successfully relocated!


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22.08.2018 New study accepted in PeerJ by Rosumek FB, Blüthgen N, Brückner A, Menzel F, Gebauer G und Heethoff M: "Unveiling community patterns and trophic niches of tropical and temperate ants using an integrative framework of field data, stable isotopes and fatty acids"
01.08.2018 New study accepted in BMC Biology by Libbrecht R, Oxley PR & Kronauer DJC: "Clonal raider ant brain transcriptomics identifies candidate molecular mechanisms for reproductive division of labor".
26.07.2018 Check out the article in the New York Times about the recent Science paper co-authored by Romain Libbrecht.
01.07.2018 New study accepted in Science by Chandra V, Fetter-Pruneda I, Oxley PR, Ritger A, McKenzie S, Libbrecht R & Kronauer DJC: "Social regulation of insulin signaling and the evolution of eusociality in ants."
29.06.2018 Congratulations to Philip Kohlmeier for his successful PhD defence! Best of luck in the Netherlands!