Workgroup Hellmich – Membrane Biochemistry

Lab News!

Jan 2020 - Charlotte is selected as one of three new TransMED PhD fellows! Congratulations!

Dec 2019 - Our story on spider silk protein dynamics with the Neuweiler group (Heiby*, Goretzki* et al, 2019, Nat. Commun,) is featured in Laborjournal!

Nov 2019 Erika receives a Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose PhD Award for her research achievements. Congratulations!

Nov 2019 Kerstin is awarded the Adolf Todt Award for her outstanding Master thesis! Congratulations!

Oct 2019 Ute is awarded the Hoechst Dozentenpreis of the Aventis Foundation and the Fonds der Chemischen Industrie (FCI)! Read more here and here! (JGU press release)

Oct 2019 Sarah-Ana is awarded the GBM Masterpreis 2019 from the Gesellschaft für Biochemie und Molekularbiologie for her outstanding MSc thesis! Congratulations!

Oct 2019 Victor joins our lab as a DAAD-CONACYT PhD Scholar!

Sep 2019 Benedikt receives both a Boehringer Ingelheim Travel Fellowship (declined) and an EMBO Short-term fellowship to join our friends at Groningen University for a three month stay! Congratulations!

Sep 2019 Our paper on spider silk protein dynamics and oligomerization has just been accepted in Nature Communications! A fantastic collaboration with the Neuweiler group in Würzburg! Look at the paper or read more here!

Sep 2019 Erika wins the Best Talk Award at the 6th TransMED Science Day, congratulations!

Aug 2019 - Nina receives the Award of the Gutenberg Lehrkolleg for her outstanding Bachelor thesis! Congratulations!

Aug 2019 - Kerstin is now a PhD fellow at the Max Planck Graduate Centre! Congratulations!

Jul 2019 - Charlotte is back in the lab after a 6 month stay at UT Southwestern in Dallas sponsored by a Klaus Tschira Foundation Fellowship!

Jun 2019 - Franzi's and Luca's new paper on the Zika virus serine protease has just been accepted! Read more here!

Jun 2019 - Erika is back in the lab after a 6 month science adventure at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore sponsored by a Fulbright PhD Fellowship!

Apr 2019 - Kerstin's new paper has just been accepted in Structure! Read more here! Read more about this study also on the JGU homepage!

Apr 2019 - Dania's new paper on 19F NMR as a versatile tool to study (membrane) protein structure and dynamics is out! Read more here!

Apr 2019 - Mai wins Best Talk Award at the Mainz Interdisciplinary Symposium!

Jan 2019 - Our Angewandte paper is featured as an ESRF Spotlight on Science! Read more about this study also on the JGU homepage!

Jan 2019 - Annika's new paper has just been accepted in Angewandte Chemie! Read more here

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