Workgroup Hellmich – Membrane Biochemistry

Lab News!

Jun 2019 - Franzi's and Luca's new paper on the Zika virus serine protease has just been accepted! More to follow here soon!

Jun 2019 - Erika is finally back in the lab after a 6 month science adventure at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore sponsored by a Fulbright PhD Fellowship!

Apr 2019 - Kerstin's new paper has just been accepted in Structure! Read more here! Read more about this study also on the JGU homepage!

Apr 2019 - Dania's new paper on 19F NMR as a versatile tool to study (membrane) protein structure and dynamics is out! Read more here!

Apr 2019 - Mai wins Best Talk Award at the Mainz Interdisciplinary Symposium!

Jan 2019 - Our Angewandte paper is featured as an ESRF Spotlight on Science! Read more about this study also on the JGU homepage!

Jan 2019 - Annika's new paper has just been accepted in Angewandte Chemie! Read more here

Jan 2019 - Kerstin is awarded the Adolf Todt Award for her outstanding Master thesis!

Dec 2018 - Erika was awarded a Fulbright PhD Fellowship for a stay at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore!

Dec 2018 - Benedikt's new paper is out in Structure! Read more here.

Nov 2018 - Benedikt is awarded the Award for the Best Poster at the Protein@Interfaces Winter School!

Oct 2018- Erika won the Science Prize at the Crispr Genome Editing Symposium, Mainz!

Sep  2018 - Dania was awarded a Travel and Research Fellowship from the Hans-Böckler Stiftung for a three months stay at CNRS Lyon!

Jun 2018 - Annika is selected to give a talk at the Gordon Research Conference "Drug Metabolism"!

Jun 2018 - Benedikt is invited to present his work at the BMRZ Annual Meeting

Jun 2018 Ute Hellmich is elected as the Ortsverbandsvorsitzende Mainz-Wiesbaden of the German Chemical Society (GDCh) (together with Prof. Eva Rentschler)

Apr 2018 Dania is selected to present her work at the GBM Transporter Colloquium!

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