Erika Diehl

PhD Student (TransMED Fellow, Fulbright PhD Fellow, Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose Stiftung Fellow)

(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Benedikt Goretzki

PhD Student (MPGC Fellow, EMBO ST Fellow)

(MSc Chemistry, Uni Mainz)

Charlotte Guhl

PhD student (shared with Prof. Herz, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX, USA, Klaus Tschira-Stiftung Fellow, TransMED PhD Fellow)

(MSc Biomed, Chem., Uni Mainz)

Anja Kanarek

Technical Assistant (part-time)

Victor Hugo Pérez Carrillo 

PhD Student (DAAD-CONACYT PhD Fellow)

(Chemical Pharmaceutical Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)) 

Dania Rose-Sperling, currently on parental leave

PhD Student (Hans Böckler Stiftung PhD fellow)

(MSc Chemistry, Uni Leipzig)

Eric Schwegler

PhD Student (GRK2015 PhD Fellow)

(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Mai Anh Tran

PhD Student

(MSc Chemistry, RWTH Aachen)

Kerstin Viet

PhD Student (MPGC Fellow)

(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Annika Wagner

PhD Student

(Dipl.-Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Master and Bachelor Students, HiWis and Interns

Thea Bruchhardt


(BSc Biomed. Chemie, Uni Mainz)

Jean-Martin Harder


(MSc Chemie, Uni Mainz)

Julia Nöth


(MSc Biology., Uni Mainz)

Dhana Süss

Bachelor Student

(BSc Biology, Uni Mainz)