Erika Diehl

PhD Student (TransMED Fellow, Fulbright PhD Fellow, Sibylle Kalkhof-Rose Stiftung Fellow)

(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Benedikt Goretzki, currently at Groningen University (EMBO short-term fellowship)

PhD Student (MPGC Fellow)

(MSc Chemistry, Uni Mainz)

Charlotte Guhl

PhD student (shared with Prof. Herz, UT Southwestern, Dallas, TX, USA, Klaus Tschira-Stiftung Fellow, TransMED PhD Fellow)

(MSc Biomed, Chem., Uni Mainz)

Anja Kanarek

Technical Assistant (part-time)

Victor Hugo Pérez Carrillo 

PhD Student (DAAD-CONACYT PhD Fellow)

(Chemical Pharmaceutical Biology, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)) 

Dania Rose-Sperling, currently on parental leave

PhD Student (Hans Böckler Stiftung PhD fellow)

(MSc Chemistry, Uni Leipzig)

Mai Anh Tran

PhD Student

(MSc Chemistry, RWTH Aachen)

Kerstin Viet, currently at Paul-Ehrlich Institute, Langen

PhD Student (MPGC Fellow)

(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Annika Wagner

PhD Student

(Dipl.-Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)


Master and Bachelor Students, HiWis and Interns

Julia Nöth


(MSc Biology., Uni Mainz)

Eric Schwegler


(MSc Biomed. Chem., Uni Mainz)

Thea Bruchhardt


(BSc Biomed. Chemie, Uni Mainz)