"Faule Muskeln"/"Lazy Muscles"-YouTube video wins Super Fast-contest

Initialized by the initiative Wissenschaft im Dialog (WiD) the webvideo-contest Fast Forward Science offers a special contest called "Super Fast". This special contest required a 48h video production around the topic of "FAIL in science".
Among the six participating competitors the above shown video production by David Peter succeeded in this contest. Along with winning first place comes a prize money of € 500. Congratulations!
The judging panel commented on the "friendly and authentic" way Prof. Rudolf Zentel and the team of the Journal of Unsolved Questions chose to present a failed and hardly publishable research.
If you want to now more about the research presented in this amusing video, you might be interested to find the full article in JUnQ: "Smectic LC-Elastomers with NO Shape Change at the Phase Transition".

Including material from the official WiD press release.