Johann Weidlein-Raman Laboratory

Raman-Spectroscopy at the Department of Chemistry, University of Mainz

Nicolet 5700 FT-IR spectrometer combined with NXR 9650 FT-Raman Module

  • ATR-Unit
  • Solid substrate beamsplitter (Si) for FIR (Far Infrared) measurements down to ~200 cm-1 ATR or transmision: CsI/Nujol (200cm-1) or polyethylene plates¬† (<100 cm-1¬†possible)
  • NXR 9650 FT-Raman Module with 1064 nm IR Laser and liquid nitrogen cooled Ge-Detector
  • Measurement of highly air-sensitive samples: Sealed in glass tubes (Raman) or Nujol mulls on ATR or between CsI plates

Ramanspectroscopy on this machine works best with colourless crystalline or liquid samples. But other samples have been measured successfully, too. If you are interested in measurements, please just write a short email: klettj(at)

Example: Raman spectrum of highly air-sensitive and explosive trimethylsilylperchlorate at 1000mW laser power and a resolution of 2 cm-1 and 1024 scans:




High precision (0.01 K) small scale (~20-200 mg) cryoscopic measurements of cyclohexane-soluble compounds. Also highly air-sensitive compounds can be measured under Schlenk-conditions. Temperature values are recorded and transferred to computer for convenient analysis.