Research group – Johanna Sommer

Short biography

Johanna Sommer (* 1990)

B.A. Language and Communication (Philipps University Marburg)
M.A. Clinical Linguistics (Philipps University Marburg)

My name is Johanna Sommer. During my studies I focused on the processing of language and emotion as well as on the perception of figurative speech. Working as a speech therapist from 2016 until 2018, I was able to encounter a lot of people whose speech perception is impaired. The empirical examination of the rules for Easy Language in German can contribute to reduce the communication barriers between those whose communication abilities are limited and the complex German language. Thus, I am looking forward to make a contribution in this respect in the context of our research group. In my dissertation project I deal with the perception of negative and counterfactual states and the rules for negation in Easy Language. email address: