Research group – Dr. Yifei He

I currently work as a postdoc researcher for the Faculty of Translation, Language and Cultural Science at the University of Mainz, Germany and for the Department of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the University of Marburg, Germany. I received my PhD in psycho- and neurolinguistics at the University of Mainz with Prof. Dr. Matthias Schlesewsky in 2016. I had my BA degree in English literature and linguistics at Renmin University of China and my M.Sc. from European Master of Clinical Linguistics (EMCL) at Potsdam University, Germany.

Using state of the art EEG, fMRI, simultaneous EEG-fMRI and tDCS/tACS methods, my current research focuses on several overarching themes: 1) the neurobiological basis of speech perception and language comprehension, 2) audio-visual integration and interaction during daily communication and 3) translation of basic research to clinical populations with mental disorders.