FB 02 – Educational Science

Welcome to the Department of Educational Science!

Educational Science deals with the development and education of individuals. Our aim is to empower and facilitate a more independent and self-responsible way of life within society.

As a science this discipline analyses the aims, tasks and methods of education.  Furthermore, we observe and analyse education in every day life within various settings such as the family, schools and special needs.  Educational Science also deals with a wider range of topics within society as a whole, including social and, youth work, adult and media education, social policy, advice and therapy.

The Department of Educational Science is has different working groups with specific research priorities.



These research activities shape the study programs.

The following Educational Science Programs are offered at the Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz:

The bachelor program consists of the general educational science and one main study area (adult and media education, special needs education or social education).

The department of Educational Science offers various master programs. You can choose between Lifelong Learning and Media Education, Pedagogy of Childhood and Adolescence, Special Education and Social Education with a focus on internationality and transnational cooperation.

For more information about the programs and courses, please contact the study office.

By implementing the Google Translator through downloading it, you can easily translate the german homepage of our department to get more informations.