Volume 4: Comic Book Geographies

Comic Book Geographies
Volume Editor: Jason Dittmer
2014 | 227 pages | 47 figures (28 color, 19 b/w) | ISBN 978-3-515-10269-8

Comic Book Geographies is a volume that brings together scholars from the discipline of geography and the field of comics studies to consider the multiple ways in which space is both constitutive of, and produced through, comic books. Senior scholars contribute their thoughts alongside a range of fresh talent from both fields, providing for a potent mix of perspectives. Together, these chapters reframe debates about comic books by highlighting their unique spatialities and the way that those spatialities are shot through by a range of relationships to time.

Examples are drawn from a wide range of geographical contexts, from post-9/11 American superhero comics to the Franco-Belgian tradition and from comics intended for mass consumption to the spoken-word performances of Alan Moore. As a truly interdisciplinary engagement, with scholars coming from geography, literature, history, and beyond, Comic Book Geographies brings together perspectives on comic books that have too long been working in isolation.

Table of Contents (PDF, 114kB)