Media Geography at Mainz

Series Editors: Anton Escher (Mainz/Germany) | Chris Lukinbeal (Tucson/USA) | Stefan Zimmermann (Göttingen/Germany) | Veronika Cummings (Mainz/Germany)
Managing Editor: Elisabeth Sommerlad (Mainz/Germany)


Media Geography at Mainz (MGM) provides a forum for the exploration and discovery of the interdependent relationships between media and geography, demonstrating the lively potentials of this expanding field of study. The series queries the linkages between media, space, self, and society by probing the role of aural, visual, and digital media in the production of geographic knowledge and modes of comprehension. By examining media’s form, content, and affect, the MGM book series moves discussion through and beyond geography’s focus on visuality and representation to transcend current scales of inquiry. In so doing, MGM opens a dialogue that challenges naturalized scopic regimes, ideologies, myths, and truths that arise from mediated geographies, thereby contributing to this important discussion within geography.


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Volume 1: The Geography of Cinema
Volume 2: Place, Television, and the Real Orange County
Volume 3: The Fight to Stay Put
Volume 4: Comic Book Geographies
Volume 5: Down in Treme: Race, Place, and New Orleans on Television
Volume 6: Media's Mapping Impulse

Volume 7: Maps of the News: Journalism as a Practice of Cartography