Organization and process for individual course surveys

Dear teaching staff, please note the following information for carrying out a successful survey of your event:


Please register the event with the Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) at least four weeks before the date of the survey. Details about the event should be recorded in an Excel table [in German] that is available for downloading. Please complete this table and send it to the ZQ by e-mail.

Process and general information

You will receive the questionnaire in the internal mail. It has a so-called "cover sheet" which should be sent back to the ZQ along with the completed questionnaire. As the questionnaire itself does not contain any details of the event in question, it is only possible to correctly allocate the results if the cover sheet is attached. Any stacks of questionnaires received by the ZQ without the associated cover sheet can unfortunately not be processed.

In order to ensure a high level of response, the students should ideally be surveyed within the scope of the event in question. Filling in the questionnaires takes around ten minutes. Please give the students sufficient time to fill them in before the end of the event. The completed questionnaires should be collected by an event participant and sent (along with the cover sheet) to the ZQ in the internal mail.

Most types of questionnaire contain a "blank question" at the end. This gives you the option to formulate some rating scales and an open question, which you may dictate or otherwise present to the students. Please note that the questionnaires may not be copied or otherwise altered in any way (e.g. by punching holes in them or stapling them) as they will be scanned in by machine. Damaged questionnaires will not be analyzed.


You will receive an e-mail containing the results of the analysis in the form of a PDF report with results charts. For data protection reasons you will only receive your results once at least five students have completed the questionnaire.