Department-wide course surveys

Establishing regular surveys of events

As part of the (re)accreditation and (re)certification processes, the Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) is striving towards establishing regular surveys of the events held by all departments. Since the summer semester in 2009, the departments of JGU in Mainz have been asked to take part in a survey of the courses offered in a tri-semester cycle.

Aims of the surveys

The extensive surveys should provide important information for improving teaching at the department level, subject area level or course entry level. The Office of the Deanery, the institutes / subject areas and the degree course managers receive a report detailing the results of the surveys. Based on these results, further measures can be planned and implemented with the support of the ZQ. In addition, regular surveys meet the prerequisites for re-accreditation and ensure compliance with the legal guidelines concerning regular teaching evaluations.


The ZQ has been operating an amended procedure since the summer semester in 2011, and a comprehensive survey is no longer required. The scope of the events to be evaluated has been reduced to between a quarter and a third of all events taking place in the semester, but the tri-semester cycle has been retained. The events to be evaluated should be selected by collecting a so-called "quota sample". The selection of the statistical units for the quota sample is not made at random, but is rather made alongside so-called "control features". In this instance, the control features are the degree courses, the form of the courses (lecture, seminar, practical course and / or other forms) and the number of semesters in which the event is a fixed part of the curriculum. The procedure will be discussed with each individual department.

The departments draw up their own criteria for the granting of the internal JGU teaching award. One of these criteria can be a ranking of all of the lecturers taking part in the course surveys. In order that all of the lecturers have the possibility to take part in this ranking, we would propose the following procedure: inform the department lecturers in writing that there is the possibility for them to be considered for the teaching award. For this purpose, one or more events should be named that will be the subject of a survey during the semester. The criteria for such events is that at least 20 students take part in the survey. Several events can be named if the lecturer teaches less than 20 students each time.