Course survey

Student assessments of courses make it possible to continuously monitor the area of study and teaching. These feedback instruments fulfill two tasks. On the one hand, they can be used to give individual feedback about courses run by lecturers. On the other hand, they enable conclusions about the quality of teaching at course level to be made based on aggregate data.

With the aims of

  • acquiring qualitative, high quality and meaningful data,
  • standardizing survey procedures and contents, and making them more transparent for all of the parties involved, and
  • keeping the input required from the subject areas to a minimum,

the Center for Quality Assurance and Development (ZQ) supports the subject areas and departments of Mainz University in conducting course surveys.

The ZQ offers the following services

  • Provision of model-driven, standardized survey tools
  • Automatic data recording and analysis, visual formatting of the data
  • Preparation of individual reports summarizing the results, transmission of the reports to the teaching staff
  • Generation of cumulative analyses for the subject areas or departments
  • Support in interpreting results