Western – Intercultural Perspectives

November 2009 (in english)


November 2009

Opening Speech
(Klein, Mainz)

„Western global“ – Outlines of a Research Project
(Klein/Ritzer/Schulze, Mainz)

Moderation: Peter W. Schulze
The German Western Beyond Karl May
(Steinwender, Mainz)

Where the Wild West Can Be Staged: DEFA-Indianerfilme and Western Landscapes
(Klein, Mainz)

Moderation: Thomas Klein
When the West(ern) Meets the East(ern). The Western all'italiana and its Asian Connections
(Ritzer, Mainz)

How a Western Shaped Australia's Identity: The Ned Kelly-Myth
(Zimmermann, Mainz)

From the Spectator to the Actor: The First African Western
(Kilian, Mainz)

Keynote Lecture: What’s American About the Western?

Edward Buscombe (London)

Moderation: Ivo Ritzer
Representations of the Shoot-Out in the Cinema of the South
(Schulze, Mainz)

„It's the Singer, not the Song“. Notes on British Western 1960-1975
(Stiglegger, Siegen)

Red Westerns
(Lavrentiev, Russland)

Moderation: Thomas Klein

Who Carries the Gun? Culture/Counterculture Elements in Polish Western
(Korczarowska, Polen)

Principles of Exhibition and Reception of Western-Movies in the Czechoslovakia
(Vašátková, Tschechien)

Deflating the Western Myth: Jim Jarmuschs Dead Man
(Hoff, Tübingen)

Final Discussion