Important Announcements, ZIS Meeting of 11 Jan. 2012

Several decisions which will have an impact on future developments:

  • ZIS Director Prof. Escher and Deputy Director Prof. Dizdar have been appointed for another three years of office.
  • Prof. Hornung, former ZIS director in 2000-2005, has been named Honorary Director of ZIS in light of his work for the Center for Intercultural Studies, in particular on internationalization; in this capacity, Prof. Hornung was to act as ZIS representative during the Excellence Initiative on-site visit.
  • The mission statement created for ZIS by the Interculturality working group under the guidance of Prof. Kruip has been declared valid, effective immediately, and will be published on the ZIS website. Proposals that have already been accepted are expected to refer to this mission statement in their final report and for future proposals this reference should already be included in the proposal application. In this way, the mission statement can be successively updated with new research findings and the discussions on questions of interculturality will, in spite of the diverse activities of individual members, be in constant dialogue.