German-Turkish Culture Contacts

Joint Event with the Frankfurter Hof and the City of Mainz

Dec. 8, 2001

This one-day event was conceptualized as a social event and as a discussion of German-Turkish culture. It started out with a detailed report of the exchange visit by Prof. Nierhoff's sculptors class (Graphic Arts, Mainz University ) at Hacceteppe University in Ankara and Kappadokia. This cooperation of German and Turkish sculptors revealed the importance of of pictatorial representation for the interaction of different cultures. The lecture by the Turkish German author Feridan Zaimoglus was followed by a podium discussion on "Being Kanak or Saying Kanak? Stereotypes – Images of the Other – Images of the Self in Art and Public Life." Participants included the author, the stand-up comedian Mushin Omurca, theater scientist Dr. Kati Röttger, and the representative of the Joint Venture Advisory Board for Foreigners in Rhineland-Palatinate, Miguel Vicente. CIS director Alfred Hornung moderated the discussion.

In the evening stand-up comedian Mushin Omurca presented his show "Kanakman – German at Day, Turk by Night", which was followed by the screening of Hussi Kutlucan's movie "Me Boss, You Sports Shoe."