Panopto is a programme for recording and providing video and audio files.

The most important feature for teaching is the possibility to record and display two video sources simultaneously. A speaker and a presentation (e.g. PowerPoint), or a speaker and any programme currently running on the computer can be recorded and shown simultaneously for instructional purposes.

Panopto thus offers a wide range of possibilities for the recording of lectures, talks or similar input.

The program is easy to use .

Teachers always have full control over the publication of the recorded content (publication for specific groups, integration into learning platforms such as Moodle).

The blackboard is an indispensable standard for many teaching scenarios. Teachers and students can look at the same medium: formulas, sketches and handwritten notes can be made visible.

With Panopto, you basically have four options for working with this scenario:

  1. If you have a room with a blackboard and a moving camera (webcam) at your disposal, you can simply record the session and provide the classic teaching situation.
  2. If you have a portable camera, you can use and record a drawing or writing pad or any filmable surface you can write on. If you have two cameras, you can use Panopto to record the writing pad and yourself simultaneously.
  3. If you have a device with a touch display (tablet and some laptops), you can use Panopto to record the screen of the device. Programmes / apps such as Microsoft OneNote or Whiteboard can be used as a software. With a touch-pad-compatible pen, this scenario is easier to achieve.
  4. If you do not have a blackboard, a moving camera nor a device with a touch display, you can also use Panopto to record the screen of a 'normal' digital device. In this case, however, you will have to resort to programs with keyboard and/or mouse input (such as a simple text processor or drawing programme).

From a mobile phone / smartphone you can use the Panopto app to upload or download previously recorded audio and video files.

Das JGU Video-Streaming-Portal Panopto ist auch als App nutzbar. Laden Sie die Panopto-App in Ihrem App-Shop herunter. Wenn Sie die App öffnen können Sie sich mit Ihrem ZDV-Account im JGU-Panopto anmelden. Über die Upload-Funktion können Sie auf alle Dateien im Handy zugreifen und Video- und Audiodateien in die Ordner hochladen, auf die Sie Zugriff haben. Wenn Sie nun das Panopto-Portal an Ihrem PC oder Laptop öffnen, können Sie die neue Datei verwalten und bearbeiten. Haben Sie z. B. ein Audio hochgeladen, können Sie dort auch noch PPT-Folien nachträglich zufügen oder Links.

-> PDF-Tutorial: Panopto-Mobile APP

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