JGU-Reader is an online platform with all courses of Johannes Gutenberg University which are listed in Jogustine.

All JGU teachers and students can find the courses for which they are registered in Jogustine on under "SoSe 2020".

A virtual classroom has been set up for each course, which can be used to exchange text or image files and written messages.

JGU-reader is particularly suitable for digital courses which consist mainly of self-organised study by the participating students.

Materials such as scripts, PowerPoint slides or assignments as well as lists of literature and links can be made available via the virtual classroom already created for each course at Students can also upload documents that are accessible either to all or only to teachers (e.g. completed exercises). In addition, individual and group messages can be sent to the participants. A discussion forum enables the exchange of short messages, which can be viewed by all participants. Some of these features are not automatically available but must be activated as plug-ins (see Reader manual).

Each teacher can enrol additional persons with different assignable rights for their virtual classroom in the JGU-Reader, e.g. teaching assistants who support the organisation of the learning room.

To communicate with students in real time, you need to use other tools. We recommend Skype-for-Business. (The JGU-Reader has no chat and no web conference function).

For recording and streaming of short inputs we recommend Panopto. The digital learning platform Moodle offers more functionalities than the JGU reader with regard to learning activities, quizzes, surveys etc.

JGU services for digital teaching

Panopto auf (Link zur Homepage)
JGU-Reader (Link zur Homepage)
JGU-Moodle (Link zur Homepage)