In accordance with identified needs, the Team of Experts in Digital Teaching coordinates provision of further training courses in digital teaching at the JGU. Courses are provided by employees from the central institutions ZAP, ZDV, and ZQ. Trainings are published on the JGU's internal program for staff development.

Link to currents trainings in "Digital Teaching ".

Example topics:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous settings in Digital Teaching: An Introduction to Conference Applications and Learning Management Systems.
  • Focussing on design in remote and hybrid settings: composing and timing in university courses.
  • Focussing on video: live recordings and prepared inputs.
  • Focussing on digital examinations: Digital Exams (E-Klausuren) und Take-Home-Exams.
  • Focussing on interaction and engagement: methods, tips and tricks.
  • Focussing on examination didactics: from standardized questions to portfolio examinations.

Didactic trainings are offered state-wide by the University Evaluation Association South-West (HESW) and the Virtual Campus Rhineland-Palatinate (VCRP).

  • Link to HESW. Overview of the events and the university didactic certificate program.
  • Link to VCRP. Overview of the events and the E-Cademy.

If you have any additional requests, please send an email to the Team of Experts in Digital Teaching.

Please note that registration for the events is only possible with a valid JGU email address.
Thank you for your interest and we wish you successful implementation!