Collection of contact details for contact tracing in case of possible corona infections (teaching staff version)

Collection of contact details for contact tracing in case of possible corona infections (teaching staff version)

Johannes Gutenberg University is obliged to collect the contact details of all persons who participate in on-campus courses and, if requested, to provide these records to the local health authority (Gesundheitsamt) for contact tracing purposes. At JGU, contact details will be collected digitally using the Uni Mainz App, which can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. You have to enter your contact details (name, first name, address, phone number) in the app once.


What do you have to consider when conducting an on-campus course?

  •  Please remind your students that they have to register via the app when entering the room. This is done by scanning the room QR code placed in all classrooms or by having another person (who is already registered for the room) scan their printed personal QR code.
  • For larger groups of students, they should enter the room one after the other and register for the room individually before entering. You can check whether registrations for the room have been successful: this is indicated by a large green symbol on the mobile device’s screen.
  • Don't forget to download the Uni Mainz app to your own mobile device or to generate and print out your personalized (your personal) QR code in order to register yourself for the room.
    At the end of the course, remind your students to sign out (and also to sign out yourself)

Room registration for on-campus courses via the Uni Mainz App

When entering a room, students and (teaching) staff who participate in an on-campus course scan the QR code that is placed in all of JGU’s classrooms. The person’s contact details together with the name of the room and the time will be securely stored on a JGU server, kept there for a month and then deleted. Once the participants leave the room, they have to use the Uni Mainz app again to sign out. Detailed instructions can be found at (in German).

Room registration without a mobile device

Persons who do not use a mobile device can print out their personalized QR Code at after entering their personal details. For their contact details to be collected when entering a room, another person (who has already registered for this room using the JGU app) scans the personal QR code. As soon as this person leaves the room, all other persons registered with this person’s app will also be signed out. We strongly recommend that all persons attending an on-campus course print out their personal QR code beforehand as a backup in case the mobile device is not available.

Generating individual QR codes for rooms

If you need to collect contact details for courses (such as lab courses) in laboratories or similar rooms, you can print out and hang up the room QR code in the respective room yourself. You can find all rooms of a building at or you can search for any room at JGU at You can download the corresponding (room) QR codes by clicking on the QR code symbol displayed for each room. If the corresponding (room) QR code is missing in a course room you are using, you can of course print it out and hang it up yourself. Detailed instructions can be found at (in German).

How do I collect contact details in paper form in case of technical problems?

  • In the event of technical problems with the app or the mobile device, you as a member of the teaching staff are still required to collect the contact details of all course participants (name, address, phone number). The data must be collected in compliance with data protection regulations; the data transfer follows a defined process. Further information can be found at (in German).



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