Post-graduate students

Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford, awarded by "The Rhodes Trust", support students who study in Oxford for an academic degree or a doctorate. The scholarship covers all university and college fees, and provides in addition currently GBP 12,516 per year for at least one year and a maximum of three years. The DAAD provides more information here.

The ERP scholarship program supports study or research stays at leading American universities for periods of 12 to 21 months to obtain an American master's degree or PhD. The scholarship includes an internship of two to three months in the public sector, in particular in the case of a two-year project: r

The Fulbright scholarships for students, graduates and postgraduates supports full-time graduate studies and research projects at American universities in the United States. For undergraduates and graduates, scholarships are awarded for the duration of a nine-month academic year or a Master's program of up to two years. Doctoral students can be supported for a research stay of at least six months. Find more informations here.

The DAAD supplements scholarships for up to 12 months. The additional monies can be used to cover cost of living abroad, travel expenses, tuition fees, research and conference costs (for doctoral students only) as well as health, accident and personal liability insurance.

Erasmus+ supports undergraduate and graduate students for two- to three-months stays at international host institutions during their bachelor's, master's or doctoral programs. Erasmus+ can also be used for internships within Europe. Erasmus+ scholarships are awarded directly by the universities; an overview of all ERASMUS university coordinators is available here.