How much difference is good for me? Breaking the german squareness (Friday, June 22, 2018, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. )

Your group leader is always busy, practically never present in the lab, and you wonder how the hell you will be able to lead the team?

In your research project, your advancement heavily depends on the collaboration with others but as colleagues you cannot get them to deliver what needs to be delivered in time. Your partner and you rarely talk about YOUR personal plans for your shared life but you think, as a woman, you have to adjust to your partner’s career, especially when kids come into play.

If you recognize yourself in one of these scenarios you may have a lot of questions about:

  • The secrets of good leadership
  • Making binding decisions and enforcing them
  • Interpersonal dynamics in mixed teams (e.g., gender, age, nationality, language)
  • Self-acceptance, Self-staging, and power plays
  • Female and male strengths in different cultures

In this workshop, we combine an exciting discussion about all you ever wanted to know about a successful and fulfilling career with individual coaching sessions.

Who is the coach?

Our coach within this innovative workshop format is Susanne Dilcher.  After graduating with a physics diploma from TU Munich, she was one of the first women at McKinsey Germany in the 1980s. She climbed the career ladder as a successful top-level executive and entrepreneur. Today, she is a highly demanded business consultant, coach, and crisis mediator working all over the globe. Susanne lives in Paris and has two daughters. For PRISMA, the former theoretical solid state physicist is happy to answer all your personal questions concerning pursuing a career in the field that you want to succeed in.

The program of the day

… is up to YOU! As a talented junior leader in science with excellent career prospects, you know best what moves you at this stage. Get it out, bring it to the table, share your hopes, concerns, and questions with others. We provide the stage and create a trustful atmosphere under professional guidance. You contribute your time and curiosity to explore surprising and inspiring steps towards reaching your goals. The format offers space for an open discussion, small-group conversations, individual coaching slots, and whatever else you feel like doing.

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