Master of Arts in Human Geography: Globalisation, Media and Culture

The focus of our M.A. programme “Human Geography: Globalisation, Media, and Culture” lies on the re-negotiation of the (power) relation between space, society, and culture in the current era of late post-modern globalisation. Specific emphasis is on the questions: How are these new or transformed relations medially conveyed? Which socio-cultural challenges are raised by this? How can these problems be addressed politically?

Media-sensitive cultural geography is a key in times when digital technologies permeate all spheres of our life and substantially change our communication and “geo-positioning” in the world. Communication equipment continues to be miniaturised and mobilised. Furthermore, we are experiencing a huge surge in mapping and geo-coded positioning. Thus, a new form of geographical awareness is arising, meaning we are set out on an entirely renewed interest in space, regions and places. The geographical media content of the programme is, therefore, devoted to analysing newly arranged global geographies.

The active use of relevant media technique represents a unique element in our Master of Arts programme. Our students complement their interdisciplinary academic qualification from their Bachelor-studies with versatile and innovative academic skills. Our modules also encompass a broad range of applied learning methods, including own production of short films, podcasts and blogs. Our research workshop provides you with profound knowledge in scientific theory-based research and sound training in comprehensive empirical fieldwork.


The programme starts every year in winter semester. Applications can be submitted until May 15th.  Please refer to the Student Service Center for the application process. You can find deadlines for the application here. Should you have any queries, please contact the students office at the Institute of Geography (

Further information on Module 7 “Raising Levels of Professional Qualifications”

If you are already an enrolled student from abroad who requires a confirmation for the embassy (for current term), please contact Mrs. Dagmar Moll


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