Lab Seminar Schedule

Lab Meetings take place on Fridays, 9am sharp in the Biochemistry library (room 01-215)

TRP Club is dedicated to discussing progress and news from the TRP channel field and is held together with AK Friedland. It alternates between the Biochemistry and Pharmacy Building!

Interested students are always welcome, but are requested to send an email to ahead of time

Journal Club Annika 12.1.
Data Patrick/Luca 19.1.
TRP Club AK Hellmich (Benedikt/Erika) 2.2.
Journal Club Benedikt 9.2.
Data Dania/Tina 16.2.
TRP Club AK Friedland (Pharmazie!) 2.3.
Journal Club Lucaca 9.3.
  Interdisciplinary Symposium 16.3.
TRP Club AK Hellmich (Annika/Kevin) 6.4.
Data Luca 13.4.
Journal Club Erika 27.4.
TRP Club AK Friedland (Pharmazie!) 4.5.
Data Kerstin/Blanca 18.5.
Journal Club Dania (JC)/Ann-Katrin (data) 25.5.
TRP Club AK Hellmich (Kerstin) 8.6.
Data Daniel/Dania 22.6.
Journal Club Kerstin 29.6.
TRP Club AK Friedland (Pharmazie!) 6.7.
Data Erika/Patrick 13.7.
Journal Club Caro (JC)/Axel (data) 20.7.
TRP Club AK Hellmich (Tina/Benedikt) 3.8.

The Meetings of the Institute of Biochemistry take place Mondays, 11:15 in the Biochemistry library (AK Hellmich, AK Schneider, AK Gimpl, AK Postina, AK Hellmann, AK Wolf (IMB)). You can find the program here