Univ.-Prof. Dr. Richard White

Born in Melbourne and raised in Sydney, Australia, Richard completed a BSc (1991) and MSc (1993) at the University of Sydney. He completed his PhD at Macquarie University (Sydney) in 1997 researching granulite facies metamorphic rocks from the Musgrave Block in central Australia. He held several postdoctoral positions at the University of Melbourne between 1998 and 2007 undertaking field based and mineral equilibria modelling research prior to arriving in Mainz.

His main research interests include the application of mineral equilibria to metamorphic rocks, the development of activity-composition models for minerals and melt, the production and evolution of melt in the crust, open system metamorphic processes and the controls on the development of metamorphic textures. Richard has undertaken field-based research in the Musgrave Block, the Arunta Complex, and at Broken Hill in Australia as well as the Rayner Complex in east Antarctica.

Research interests:

  • Archean continental growth
  • The interpretation of reaction textures in metamorphic rocks
  • Partial melting of crustal rocks
  • Internal and external fluid buffering processes
  • Methods for constraining the P-T evolution of metamorphic rocks

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