Institutional Seminar

The institutional seminar is open for all students and working groups of the geosciences. Its aim is to make new research results accessible to a wide audience.

The lectures in the winter semester 2018/19 take place Tuesdays at 16.15 - 17.00 in the "Seanatssaal" (7th floor, NatFac building, Becherweg 21).

16.10.18 no seminar

23.10.18 no seminar

30.10.18 no seminar

06.11.18 no seminar

13.11.18 no seminar

20.11.18 no seminar

27.11.18 no seminar

04.12.18 Dr. Valdir Novello, Department of Sedimentary and Environmental Geology,

University of São Paulo, & Institute for Geosciences, University of Mainz

"Reconstructing the paleoclimate of South America with cave records"

11.12.18 Dr. Frieder Enzmann, Institute for Geosciences, University of Mainz

"MABEIS - ein Massenbewegungsinformationssystem für Rheinland-Pfalz"

18.12.18 Dr. Maja Rücker, Imperial College London

“The impact of fluid films and layers on multiphase flow in porous rocks”

Christmas holidays

08.01.19 to be announced

15.01.19 Dr. Gerhard Brügmann, Curt-Engelhorn-Zentrum Archäometrie gGmbH, Mannheim

"Provenace and pyrometallurgy of tin in Bronze Age metal objects: The fingerprint of stable tin isotopes"

22.01.19 to be announced

29.01.19 Dr. Dirk Sachse, GFZ Potsdam –

"A spatiotemporal perspective on abrupt climate change during the Last Glacial - Holocene transition from high resolution lacustrine biomarker stable isotope records"

05.02.19 Prof. Dr. Hassan Helmy, Department of Geology, Minia University, Egypt

"Pre-nucleation in silicate melts: Experimental approaches and implications"

12.02.19 to be announced