Master of Science | Applied Bioinformatics

The Master programme “Angewandte Bioinformatik” is an interdisciplinary study programme designed for graduates with a bachelor degree in one of the life sciences (e.g. biology). It comprises in total four semesters (standard study period).

During the first two semesters students learn the fundamentals of computer science and mathematics which enable them to analyze, modify and apply bioinformatic algorithms and programmes. In addition, students subsequently attend lectures in the life sciences where the main biological topics are deepened. The aim of these lectures is to convey a deep understanding of biological systems and methods of working and to introduce the students to modern topics. Depending on personal interests the students can choose between various biological fields of application. During the second and/or third semester important algorithms and methods from different areas of bioinformatics are taught. While the lectures and seminars focus on methods, the practical focuses on the application of the methods learnt. During the third and the fourth semester current bioinformatic methods are applied to concrete problems arising in biological research. The master seminar serves as preparation for this research task. It is usually presented to a small group of students and can be customized, e.g. the literature required for the research task can be studied in the group. The master thesis is co-supervised by a lecturer in computer science and a lecturer in life sciences. During the final oral exam the results of the thesis are presented and discussed.

Computer Science modules

1st - 3rd Semester

• Students learn mathematical and theoretical fundamentals (lectures and tutorials).

• Students learn fundamental methods of programming and of common programming languages (lectures and tutorials).

Biology modules

1st - 3rd Semester

• Deepen knowledge of biological systems and methods of working, introduction to modern topics according to personal focus (lectures, tutorials and seminars).

Module bioinformatics

2nd/3rd Semester

• Conveying important algorithms and methods from different areas of bioinformatics (lectures, tutorials, seminars)

• Practical application of methods learnt (practical)

Final modules

3rd - 4th Semester

• Master seminar, Master thesis and final oral exam

• Co-supervised by a lecturer in computer science and a lecturer in life sciences

Please note that there are compulsory courses in German language.

Detailed informationen about the modules and courses is available in the respective examination regulations and in the modul handbook. All documents are available in the Downloadcenter Informatik.