Emmy Noether Programme (DFG)

Faculty 08 is involved in the following Junior Research Groups:

Controlled Transport and Assembly of Soft Complex Matter

Dr. Arash Nikoubashman
Institute of Physics ...

Topological Whirls In SpinTronics

Dr. Karin Everschor-Sitte
Institute of Physics ...

Entartungen von Calabi-Yau-Mannigfaltigkeiten und Verwandte Geometrien

Dr. Helge Ruddat
Institute of Mathematics ...

Search for the rare decay mü ---> eee with a high rate experiment based on thin Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors

Prof. Dr. Niklaus Berger
Institute of Nuclear Physics ...

Precision Measurement of the W boson using the LHC

Dr. Matthias Schott
Experimental Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ETAP)
Institute of Physics ...

Former Junior Research Groups

Theoretical investigation of hybrid approaches to quantum information processing and quantum communication utilizing both discrete and continuous quantum variables

Professor Dr. Peter van Loock
Institute of Physics ...

Functional Renormalization Group Methods in Quantum Gravity

Dr. Frank Saueressig

Institute of Physics

Theoretical High Energy Physics (THEP)


Frustrating disorder for continuous spins: low-temperature properties of spin glasses and random-field systems

Dr. Martin Weigel

Institute of Physics

Condensed Matter Physics KOMET


Ein Quanten-Rasterelektronenmikroskop zur Detektion und kohärenten Manipulation einzelner Atome

Dr. Herwig Ott

Institute of Physics

Quantum, Atomic and Neutron Physics QUANTUM


Dynamik von Phasenübergängen in Suspensionen anisotroper Kolloide

Dr. Tanja Schilling

Institute of Physics

Condensed Matter Physics KOMET


Messung des hadronischen Wirkungsquerschnitts bei den Teilchenfabriken DAPHNE und PEP-II unter Verwendung von Photonabstrahlung im Anfangszustand

Prof. Dr. Achim Denig

Institute of Nuclear Physics

Tropische und extratropische Wetterregime

Peter Knippertz

Institute for Atmospheric Physics