Working Groups

Working groups

Charmonium decays, partial wave analysis
Prof. Dr. Niklaus Berger

Hadronic cross-sections for the muon g-factor, two-photon physics and charmonium spectroscopy
Prof. Dr. Achim Denig
Dr. Brice Garillon, Dr. Yuping Guo, Thomas Lenz, Dr. Zhiqing Liu, Dr. Christoph Redmer, Martin Ripka, Tim Sixel

Charmonium spectroscopy and searches for exotic states, partial wave analysis
Dr. Miriam Fritsch (Helmholtz Institut Mainz/Ruhr-Universität Bochum)
Dr. Florian Feldbauer, Patric Kiese, Heinrich Leithoff, Mathias Michel, Tobias Weber

Open charm physics and CP-violation in the D-meson system
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gradl
Dr. Peter Weidenkaff

Hadron structure and nucleon form-factors
Prof. Dr. Frank Maas
Bertalan Feher, Paul Larin, Dexu Lin, Dr. Cristina Morales Morales


Institute for High Energy Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences