Klaus Wendt

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Name Dr. Klaus Wendt
Telefon +49-6131-39-22882
Fax +49-6131-39-25179
Raum 02-424
Adresse Staudingerweg 7
D - 55128 Mainz
Email Klaus.Wendt@uni-mainz.de

Curriculum Vitae

Birthday 10.02.1957
Place of Birth Wiesbaden / Germany
Family State married wih Dr. Sonja Wendt,two daughters, one son



1975 - 1981 Studies of Physics at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität
June 1979 Begin of Diploma Work, Title (in german): “Collinear Laser Spectroscopy on Bariumions for Determination of Hyperfine Structure and Isotope Shift”
Juni 1981 Diploma Degree in Physics , Grade A (sehr gut)
Oct. 1981 Begin of the doctoral studies at CERN, Geneva, Switzerland. Title of the PhD-Thesis (in english):
"On the Hyperfine Structure and Isotope Shift in Radium"
July 1985 Graduation to Doktor rer. nat. Grade „summa cum laude“
Nov. 1985 Dissertation Price of the University of Mainz
April 1999 Habilitation Title of the Thesis (in german):
"Resolution, Selectivity and Efficiency - Laser Mass Spectrometry in Atomic Spectroscopy and Ultra Trace Analysis"



1981 - 1984 Research Scientist, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
1984 - 1986 CERN-Fellowship
1986 - 1990 Staff Scientist, Institute of Physics, University of Mainz
Jan. 1991 permanent position
since 1999 Group Leader of the Working Groups RISIKO / LARISSA - Laser Resonance Ionization for Spectroscopy and Selective Trace Analytics
2007 Promotion to extraordinary Professor, University of Mainz


Scientific Activities

since 2000 Realization of research projects in the fields of development of lasers and application of combined methods of laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry
since 2001 Participation in international collaborations in the field of laser based ultra-trace analysis with USA, Japan and inside Europe
since 2003 Provision of laser systems and application of related ion sources at on-line facilities in Canada, Finland, France, Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, support of corresponding international networks


Organisatorical and Other Activities

2000 - 2003 Chairman of the Section “Mass Spectrometry” of the German Physical Society
since 2001 Referee for different DAAD programs
2003 - 2009 Elected Member of the Advisory Board of the German Physical Society DPG
since 2004 Erasmus Coordinator „Nordic Countries“, Institute of Physics, University of Mainz
2004 - 2012 Advisory Board Member of the Initiative „Science on Stage Deutschland“, Organisation and Participation of Science Festivals for Teachers and Lecturers


Scientific Interests

  • Laser based studies on atomic and nuclear physics, investigations in exotic species, laser based elemental ultratrace determination
  • Development and application of combined techniques of laser spectroscopy and mass spectrometry
  • Construction of appropriate laser systems and mass spectrometers