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30.07.2019 39th Meeting of the Interdisciplinary Conference “Alte Medizin”, June 15-16, 2019
25.07.2019 Report on the 30th AKAN Conference, June 28-29, Marburg
29.03.2019 Report on the Workshop “Emotion Research: Current Methods and Approaches” (with M. Yamasaki, C. Ferella, K. Zartner, L. Borghetti und M. Kjorveziroska)
20.02.2019 Presentation of Dr Chiara Ferella: “The Metaphor Domain of Conflict in Cosmological Representations in the Philosophy of Anaximander, Heraclitus and Empedocles”
16.10.2018 "Report on the Workshop "The Body as a Toolbox" in Cologne".
09.07.2018 "Dissertation project by Jonny Russell: "Ethnomedical Theory in Ancient Egypt: Explanatory Models and their Historical Contextualisation".
30.04.2018 "Episode 3: Anatomy and Pharmacology: Negotiating with the Greeks" (with S. Irannejad, J. Russell, R. Pabst und O. Polozhentseva).
03.01.2018 "A Report of a presentation entitled 'Artemidorus of Daldis: The Oneirokritikà in light of Freud's Traumdeutung' by Antonio Puleri".



2019 Humans are Plants? The Curious Case of χλωρὸν δάκρυ in Greek Tragedy, in: J. Althoff/S. Föllinger/G. Wöhrle (Ed.), Antike Naturwissenschaft und ihre Rezeption (AKAN), Book XXIX , 9-28.
2016 "Uses and Meanings of the Term Χλωρός in Homeric Poems", in: "Lucida Intervalla", a Journal of Classical Studies, Book 45, Belgrade (ISSN: 1450-6645).