Articles in the Weblog of the RTG:

29.03.2019 "Report on the Workshop “Emotion Research: Current Methods and Approaches” (with A. Milenkovic, C. Ferella, K. Zartner, M. Yamasaki, M. Kjorveziroska)"
30.04.2018 "Report on the Workshop “Episode 1: VIPs in Cycladic culture: Idols, Sea and Eruptions (with S. Speck, K. Zartner, M. Yamasaki)"
25.11.2017 "Byzantine Winds at the National Conference of Italian Association of Byzantine Studies"
03.08.2017 "Kolloquium für Doktoranden und Fortgeschrittene Masterstudenten der Byzantinistik und Neogräzistik an den Universitäten Köln, Mainz und Münster", July 19th, 2017
28.07.2017 Summer School in Greek Palaeography and Byzantine Epigraphy
27.07.2017 Vorstellung des Dissertationsprojekts von Laura Borghetti: "Die Darstellung von Naturphänomenen in der byzantinischen Literatur des 9. bis 11. Jahrhundert"
13.03.2017 And now for something completely different… Social Media and Internet Presence (with M. Yamasaki)
06.03.2017 The Oxford Byzantine Society’s 19th International Graduate Conference: Circulation and Transmission of Ideas between Past and Present
16.02.2017 Closed Meeting of the Research Training Group “Early Concepts of Man and Nature”