Information for Applicants

The RTG provides rooms and work spaces for 24 doctoral students who can work on their doctoral thesis at the same time. 12 doctoral students receive a doctoral position (65%, TV-L 13), another 12 students can be associated if they have other financial support. Office equipement is provided by the RTG for all doctoral students.

The doctoral students will be involved in a research and training programme comprising for the first time philological and archaeological disciplines as well as cultural studies, history of science and natural sciences.

All doctoral students will have the opportunity of spending up to four weeks abroad in a department they select themselves, engaged in research similar to their own. Moreover they can take part in special courses organised for them (lasting from several days up to a month) at the RGZM and in other adequate labs. A specifically developed mentoring programme gives the opportunity for networking with experienced scientists.

All doctoral students can apply for extra funds for travelling for research purposes or to attend congresses.

Doctoral positions with DFG-funding:
The RTG will advertise 24 doctoral positions funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG):

1st job opening: starting with the winter term of 2013/14 (6 PhD positions; application round ended)

2nd job opening: for the 2014/15 winter term (6 PhD positions; application round ended)

3rd job opening: for the 2016/17 winter term (6 PhD positions; application round ended)

4th job opening: for the 2017/18 winter term (5 PhD positions; application round ended)

5th job opening: for the 2019/20 winter term (5 PhD positions)

6th job opening: for the 2020/21 winter term (5 PhD positions)

The doctoral positions can be filled for a maximum of 3 years depending on further funding by DFG. Candidates' progress will be assessed by the supervisors at the end of the 1st and 2nd year.


Postdoc-Positions funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG):

Furthermore the RTG will advertise 2 postdoctoral positions (full position, salary scale TV-L 13) funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG):

1st job opening: starting with the summer term 2018 (1 position)

2nd job opening: starting with the winter term 2018/19 (1 position)

The postdoc-positions can be filled for 4 years, subject to further funding by the DFG.


You may find further information about DFG-funding here.


Status as associated member:
Doctoral students with status as associated member are treated like doctoral students with doctoral positions. This means they will be integrated formally and academically in the research and training programmes. Furthermore, they can apply for travel expenses for participating in conferences or for a stay abroad.
They will qualify for status as associated member after having undergone successfully the same selection process as students funded by the DFG.

If you wish to be considered for participation as an associated member of the RTG, you may apply at any time!

Applications from outside Germany will be welcomed!