Curriculum vitae


from 10/2017 associate member of the Research Training Group 1876 (RTG) "Frühe Konzepte von Mensch und Natur: Universalität, Spezifität, Tradierung", Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz
from 09/2017 recipient of a grant from the "Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek" and the Leiden Institute of Area Studies to conduct doctoral research and teach at Leiden University for a period of four years
2015-2017 research master in Egyptology at Leiden University (NL) (graduated cum laude); thesis: "The Anatomy of a Medical Text: a Case-Study of the so-called Stomach Book from the Ebers Papyrus (§§188-216)"; (Supervisor: Prof. Olaf Kaper)
2013 pre-master in ancient Egyptian languages at Leiden University (NL)
2008-2012 bachelor in Ancient History and Egyptology at Swansea University (UK) (graduated First Class Honours);
thesis: "Subservient Demons in New Kingdom Literature"; (Supervisor: Prof. Kasia Szpakowska)


Professional activities:

2016 Participation at the Egypt Exploration Society’s Archaeological Seminar, London
2015 Participation in 10 week placement with the Nederlands-Vlaams Instituut in Cairo (NVIC) 'Cairo Semester'
2014 Teaching introductory classes in Egyptology at Primary Schools, UK
2012 Field Work at the South Asasif Conservation Project directed by Dr. Elena Pischikova in Luxor, Egypt
2011-2012 Gallery Assistant at the Egypt Centre museum of Egyptian antiquities at Swansea University


Teaching activities:

since 09/2018 Teaching second year BA module at Leiden University “Old Egyptian”
since 02/2018 Running ‘Egyptian medicine and pharmacology’ parasession to MA module ‘Babylonian medicine and pharmacology’ coordinated by Dr. Cale Johnson at Leiden University
since 02/2018 teaching first year module at Leiden University "Reading Middle Egyptian Texts"
since 09/2017 Guiding bi-weekly MA seminar "Demotic III: reading demotic medical texts and herbals” at Leiden University
2017 Teaching revision classes for first-year students at Leiden University "Introduction to Middle Egyptian"