Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten

Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten IV

Hieratic of the New Kingdom

Monday 9 and Tuesday 10 December 2019

We are pleased to invite you to the conference Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten IV in Mainz.

We are currently working on two modules, that is "Hieratic of the 18th dynasty" and "Administrative hieratic of the 19th and 20th dynasties". Both modules present different challenges that we present for detailed discussion with our colleagues. Therefore, we welcome contributions on hieratic writing from the New Kingdom with a focus on agents, forms, and functions of writing. Presentations can be held in German, English or French. Planned are 20-30 minutes speaking time plus discussion. A publication of the contributions is again planned.

Conference venue

Plenary Hall of the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur
Geschwister-Scholl-Straße 2
D-55131 Mainz
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Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten III

Forms and functions of editions and palaeographies on ancient Egyptian cursive scripts

Thursday to Saturday, April 7-9, 2016, Plenary hall of the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz, Geschwister-Scholl-Str. 2, 55131 Mainz

Many thanks to all participants for the friendly, lively and communicative atmosphere!

The conference built on two previous conferences that took place in Mainz in April 2011 and March 2013, and that were published together in one book in 2015 (Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten I–II. Neue Forschungen und Methoden der Hieratistik, now available online). The topics of these conferences were "new impulses for the study of hieratic handwritings" (2011) and the spectrum of "phases, forms, and functions of ancient Egyptian handwritings". The conference in 2016 concerned methodological issues and developments in the publication of editions and palaeographies of handwritten sources. Both hieratic and demotic as well as cursive hieroglyphic texts were included, the complementation of analogue and digital paths was considered and discussed, and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of handwritten sources were integrated.

The aim of the conference was to gain experience in international exchange, to develop perspectives in the discussion of groundbreaking standards for the egyptological study of handwritten sources, and to promote international and interdisciplinary cooperation.

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Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten II

From early to late hieratic script

From 18 to 20 March 2013, the international conference Ägyptologische 'Binsen‘-Weisheiten II took place at the Academy of Sciences and Literature Mainz. The theme was "From early to late hieratic script. Researching three thousand years of development in ancient Egyptian handwriting".


Ägyptologische „Binsen“-Weisheiten I

New Impulses in the study of hieratic handwriting

From 7 to 9 April 2011, the first international meeting Ägyptologische 'Binsen‘-Weisheiten took place at the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Theme for discussion was "New impulses in the study of hieratic handwriting".