Complementary Subjects

Scope of courses
  • Elective module “Sachfach” 1: 6 ECTS
  • Elective module “Sachfach 2”: 10 ECTS

For more detailed information, please see the module description of the complementary subjects.

Qualification objectives

Typical introduction to the fundamentals of your freely chosen complementary subject (medicine, law, technology, economics or computer science), which is essential for you to be able to familiarize yourself independently with other specialist fields. The integration of complementary subjects into translation training at the faculty is achieved through specialized translation classes.


Overview of central subject areas and methods of each complementary subject offered (medicine, law, technology, economics or computer science). You will be acquainted with essential fundamental theories and their general expansion in important areas of application. Exercises and seminars serve to deepen the knowledge of a particular subject matter. If possible, current issues and/or problems of students as well as any special requests they may have regarding specialization in a particular field will be addressed.

Examination methods

Module exams:
Module 1: Normally an oral exam (30 min)
Module 2: Normally a written exam (180 min)(see also descriptions of the particular complementary subjects)