Research funding

Here you can find information about possible research funding at the university of Mainz regarding programs that are of special interest to the researchers at the FTSK.

1. First level funding (for personnel with a doctorate degree)

Personnel with a doctorate degree can apply for first level funding in the context of the internal university research funding. This program is used especially for start-up funding, i.e. applying for funding to cover human and material resources for a maximum of one year for a particular project, for which an application for external third-party funding will subsequently be made. In other funding areas of level 1, further applications of a different type can also be made. For example, in funding area “Internationality”, an application can be made for financial assistance to cover the costs of participation in an international conference. All necessary information regarding Level 1 funding (contact details, deadlines, forms, etc.) can be found at:

2. Young academic researchers (doctorate candidates, assistant professor, etc.)

The Center for Quality Assurance and Quality Development at the university of Mainz supervises many programs in the context of doctoral studies and supports young academic researchers in an advisory capacity, also with regard to funding. (Contact PD Dr. Manfred Herzer):

3. Research units

A large part of the projects at the University of Mainz is concentrated in research institutions whose activities are focused on a particular theme and/or methodology (Research units, centers and platforms). As such, there is a close affinity between the “Zentrum für Interkulturelle Studien” (ZIS) (Center for intercultural studies) and the FTSK as many research projects at the FTSK have an international focus. Amongst other things, ZIS also guest professorships, guest lectures and conferences. Information about ZIS is available from Prof. Dr. Dilek Dizdar (deputy speaker), Prof. Dr. Andreas Gipper (representative of faculty 06 at ZIS) as well as the coordinator of ZIS, Heike Sabri. Homepage of ZIS:

Depending on the topic of the research project, applications can also be made for funding to other research units/centers. The FTSK Germersheim is particularly interested in research projects concerning the humanities and social sciences:

Media Convergence:

Historical Cultural Studies:

Social Science and Cultural Studies (SOCUM):

4. Coaching for research funding at the faculty 06

In line with creating an incentive system for researchers at the FTSK Germersheim, the faculty is launching a “Coaching System”, in which researchers at the faculty with project experience will offer their assistance in finding suitable funding opportunities and in the preparation of the applications. The Dean’s office will provide the names of the professors that have agreed to act as coaches.

Subject-related doctoral colloquia and interdisciplinary colloquia for young academic researchers take place on a regular basis.