General information

You can find detailed information concerning your studies and all forms of the Office of Admission and Records under Anträge und Formulare.


In order to continue studying all students are required to re-register correctly and within the period prescribed. Transferring semester and, if necessary, other fees to the University of Mainz confirms re-registration. Written confirmation is not required.

Re-registration period

Please note the deadline for re-registration (dates are indicated on the front page of your student data sheet). Exceeding the deadline may, in extreme cases, lead to official expulsion (expulsion ex officio).

Expulsion ex officio

If re-registration is not completed within the prescribed timeframe (i.e. by transferring the semester and, if necessary, other fees to the University of Mainz), procedures leading to expulsion ex officio will be implemented (§19 Abs. 3 i.v.m. §17 Einschreibeordnung). Objections against expulsion procedures are admissible within a period of one month following notification of expulsion and must be filed in writing and addressed to FTSK, Studierendensekretariat, An der Hochschule 2, 76726 Germersheim. Payment of semester fees together with a default fee of 15 euro for late re-registration must be paid without further demand pursuant to „Landesverordnung über die Gebühren in den Bereichen Wissenschaft, Weiterbildung und Forschung (Besonderes Gebührenverzeichnis)“ of Rhineland-Palatinate.

Leave of Absence

Leave of absence must be applied for within the prescribed re-registration period using the appropriate form. Forms may be downloaded from the website or are available for collection from the Office of Admission and Records. Written justification (certificates and/or other documents) for leave of absence must be attached to the application. Students on leave of absence are NOT exempt from paying semester fees.

Change of address

Please inform us of your current semester or correspondence address to avoid any delay in receiving documents sent to you by the university.

Change of name

We must be notified of any change to your name. We will require a copy of the document (certificate) confirming the change for entry in your student file and Course Record Book.

Study accounts

You will find detailed information concerning study accounts under


Applications received for exmatriculation will take effect as of the end of the current semester (i.e. 30. September for the summer semester and 31. March for the winter semester). Applications for exmatriculation must be submitted together with confirmation of release from the university library. You will find further information at Anträge und Formulare.