Entrance Qualifications

Enrolment in the B.A. degree programs for English, French and Spanish is subject to certain entrance requirements, i.e. the numerus clausus (NC). The NC is calculated every
semester based on the number of available places in higher education, the applicant’s final grade of his/her high-school diploma (Abitur) and the number of applicants for a particular degree program. As such it is not possible to predict exactly what the minimum entrance qualifications will be for any particular year.

Aside from the German entrance qualification for higher education - or an equivalent foreign qualification (degree) – enrolment in any course of study at the Faculty of Translation and Interpretation Studies, Linguistics and Cultural Studies (FTSK) also requires a thorough knowledge of German (as a foreign language), English, French and Spanish, should these languages be your choice of study. More details on entrance qualifications can be found in the leaflets for the different languages offered under http://www.fb06.uni-mainz.de/261.php.

For all B.A./M.A. degree courses an excellent knowledge of the A-language (mother tongue or working language), irrespective of the subjects selected. Currently, the FTSK offers the B.A. degree program with the following A-languages: Arabic, German, English, French, Italian, Modern Greek and Spanish. In exceptional cases, international students whose A-language is not one of those mentioned above may choose one of the A-languages offered, provided they are proficient in it. Generally, in such cases, applicants will need to take a language proficiency test for verification of the level of their proficiency. So there are students from India, for example, who have English as their working language and students from Central Africa who have chosen French as their working language.

The working language proficiency test for students wishing to take German as their working language is organised and held by the respective B-language departments. If, for example, a Norwegian student has German as their working language and English as their B-Language, the English department is responsible for the working language proficiency test.