Degree Program Contents and Exams

The standard duration of the M.A. degree program in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies, and Translation is four semesters. During these four semesters students attend 10 modules, some compulsory and some semi-elective. When these modules are taken and the emphasis placed on each will differ according to language combination (either a mono- or bilingual master degree) and the main focus of the degree as determined by the student. This enables the students to independently choose their field of specialisation from the three following options: Area Studies, specialized translation and translation studies & intercultural communication.

All modules that can be selected as part of the M.A. degree program are indicated in the module description summary in the appendix of the exam regulations for the M.A. degree programs in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation. See also: A detailed description of the modules for the various languages offered can be found in the module catalogues. Go to:

Every module concludes with a module exam, which is taken during the course of studies. The exam covers the content of the courses attended by the students during the entire module. As a rule, course attendance is compulsory.

Successful completion of a M.A. degree program will require passing the module exams taken during the semester, writing and presenting a master thesis and a final oral examination. Authorisation to write the master thesis is usually granted in the third semester. A lecturer or professor supervises the thesis. The thesis serves as evidence that a student is able to deal independently with a topic, in accordance with specific academic principles and methods, related to linguistics, cultural or translation studies that constitute the M.A. degree program. The thesis must be completed within a period of four months and is usually written in German.

Successful completion of the master thesis is followed by a final oral examination that lasts 30 minutes. The oral exam covers the topic of the master thesis and deals with questions and/or related issues based on the module specifically chosen for the purposes of the master thesis and further questions related to a different module, as chosen by the student. The examination is usually held in German.

Upon passing all the parts of the examination, the FTSK of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz awards the successful student the academic degree of Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation.