Curricula and Examinations

The standard duration of all the degree programs offered is six semesters and includes 19 modules. Students normally choose two foreign languages and a subsidiary subject from the semi-elective subjects section. For the latter, students can choose between computer sciences, medicine, law, engineering and economics.

For the B-language, the number of required modules is eight and for the C-language four. In addition, students must choose seven semi-elective modules and decide for themselves in the course of their studies in which subject are(s) they wish to specialise, e.g. focusing on translation a one of the specialist areas mentioned above.

The module system in the B.A. degree program with just one foreign language, .i.e. English for German students or German for international students, is organised differently. While the total number of modules is also 19, the proportion of compulsory modules is higher.

Module examinations are taken throughout the course of study and are the conclusion to the individual modules. As a rule, attendance is compulsory for all module classes.

The final grade awarded in a B.A. degree program is calculated on the basis of the grades earned in the module exams, the grade for the thesis and the final oral examination. With their bachelor thesis students must demonstrate that they are able to independently tackle a subject chosen from a particular module of the B.A. degree in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation using the knowledge and methods acquired during their studies.

The thesis is to be completed within a period of nine weeks and will be supervised by an authorized member of staff.

The final oral examination lasts 30 minutes and covers the topic of the student’s bachelor thesis and includes questions and/or related issues based on the module specifically chosen for the purposes of the bachelor thesis and questions related to a further different module chosen by the student. The examination is usually held in German.

Upon passing all the parts of the examination, the FTSK of the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz awards the successful student the academic degree of Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics, Cultural Studies and Translation.