University Professor Dr. Mechthild Dreyer

Professor of Philosophy, Director of Medieval Philosophy (currently on leave)

Vice President of Learning and Teaching

Since July 2010, Prof. Dr. Mechthild Dreyer has held the office of Vice President of Learning and Teaching at Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz .

PD Dr. Dr. Stefan Seit is serving as acting head of the professorship while Professor Dreyer is on leave.



Research Specialties:


History of Philosophy

  • History of Medieval Philosophy, Origins and Development
  • Philosophy of the History of Philosophy: Reception of Medieval Philosophy in Early Modern and Modern Periods




Scientific Teaching (Ancient, Medieval, Modern)

  • particularly, the question of the meaning of the rationality of knowledge
  • The Relationship between space and knowledge in the Philosophy of the Latin Middle Ages and in Early Modern Philosophy


The Production of Handwritten Philosophical Texts of the Latin Middle Ages