DRZ and Society

Beyond the academic structure of the DRZ integrated into the university, we will transfer the results of our research into innovative approaches to improve the prevention and treatment for people suffering from stress-related disorders as well as influencing societal perceptions of these disorders. In order to achieve a substantial and sustainable impact on society, we will serve as a reliable source of knowledge and advice for scientists, clinicians, journalists, and decision-makers in society and politics, as well as providing support for the community.

A central aspect of anchoring the DRZ within our society is a funding structure that not only relies on traditional public funding sources but also support from across society. We hope the significance of our research into resilience and the excellent scientific reputation of the University of Mainz will convince private benefactors, organizations and interest groups to commit long-term support to the DRZ. Regular communication with such backers will ensure the activities of the DRZ remain oriented on interests reflecting the whole of society.