Analysis of Experimental- and Survey-Data (Summer 2022)

Lecturer: Dr. Constantin Weiser
Lecture ID: 3250
Contact Time: 2 SWS Lecture + 2 SWS Tutorial
Credits: 6 ECTS for Master Students

Monday, 12:15-13:45, HS IX (lecture)

Thursday, 10:15-11:45, HS IX (tutorial)

Start: Monday, 25.04.2022 (calender week 16)
Language: English




This module covers the empirical process based on experimental or survey data.

(1) Introduction

  • empirical approach to science
  • hypotheses building


(2) Study design

  • experimental design
  • survey design
  • sampling methods


(4) data management

  • wrangling
  • imputation


(5) analysis approaches

  • group comparison (t-test, multiple testing problem)
  • linear/non-linear regression (logistic-regression)
  • factor analysis / principal component
  • cluster analysis / multidimensional scaling
  • structural equation models

This module addresses students’ ability to apply empirical methods, which are common in fields as market research, human resource management, strategic planning but also business- and economic sciences. The module is designed for users.


Homework (prepared in groups)


Course materials will be downloadable from the e-learning platform ILIAS.