New Synagogue of Mainz

We are glad to be able to provide the opportunity to visit the magnificent New Synagogue of Mainz.

Opened in 2010 the Synagogue is not only a new chapter in the Jewish history of Mainz (hebr. Magenza) that dates back many centuries, it is also a building with an astonishing architecture. Designed by architect Manuel Herz the silhouette is unique among German Synagogues but also reached significant international attention.

The tour will be guided by Alfred Wittstock, the head of the Israel Study Unit, Department of Political Science at the JGU. Admission is free, donations are welcome.

Participants will meet on Thursday, March 14, at the New Synagogue (Hindenburgstra├če) at 16:00. The tour takes about 90 minutes. To get there, please take the bus number 62, 63 or 76 and get off at station: 'Synagogenplatz'.

Please contact Jasmin Fitzpatrick to book this event.