Main Entrance

With about 37,000 students from about 130 nations, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) is one of the ten largest universities in Germany. With its 147 subjects, 127 Bachelor's and 103 Master's degree programs, JGU offers a broad range of courses. Some 4,150 academics, including 540 professors, teach and conduct research in JGU's more than 150 departments, institutes, and clinics. JGU is the only German university of its size with almost all its facilities located on a single campus situated near the city centre.

When you get off the bus at the "university" stop, enter campus through the main gate shown above. There is a row of small shops on the left and a cash machine on the right. Pass through both arches and walk straight on for about 300 metres to get to the Arts & Humanities building (located on the right), where you will find the registration area.