In case of an emergency, call 112. The switchboard will re-route your call to the police, the fire brigade, or the paramedics.

If you need a GP, please contact our helpdesk. We can assist you with making an appointment. Out-of-hours (7pm to 7 am) GP services are provided by Ärztlicher Bereitschaftsdienst, Hildegardstraße (Hildegardis Hospital), telephone 06131-19292 (within walking distance from campus).

Prescription and non prescription drugs (including common painkillers) are sold in pharmacies only ("Apotheken", watch out for the red letter "A" sign). There are two of them at the train station and many more in the city centre. Pharmacies provide their own out-of-hours services. There is always one pharmacist on call in Mainz city centre. Click here and look for "Mainz" (without any hyphens/additions in the forth column.