Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew & Epigraphy


Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew & Epigraphy
FB 01/ Faculty of Protestant Theology
Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz
D-55099 Mainz

phone: +49-6131-39-23284  / +49-6131-39 23214
fax: +49 6131 39-22603
e-mail: hebraistik[at]

Visiting address:

Taubertsberg III
Wallstraße 7-9
55099 Mainz
Room 01-502/ 01-416



The Mainz Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew and Epigraphy was founded in 1985 by Prof. Dr. Diethelm Michel (†€ 2. 7. 1999) in Mainz under the name "Forschungsstelle für Hebräische Syntax" (Research Unit for Hebrew Syntax). A preceding institution with the same name, and also under the auspices of Diethelm Michel, had already existed until 1981 at the Kirchliche Hochschule of Berlin.

From 1993 until the sudden death of Diethelm Michel in 1999, the Research Unit was associated with a DFG-project on Biblical Hebrew Nominal Clauses. A result of this project was the 2004 posthumously published second volume of Diethelm Michel's ”Grundlegung einer hebräischen Syntax"€ (Neukirchen 2004).

Today, Ak. Dir. Dr. Reinhard G. Lehmann is Michel's successor in charge of the Research Unit, which became also the editorial office of KUSATU and SILO. Due to the 'Graduate Society in Northwest Semitic Epigraphy', the activities of the Research Unit are constantly linked to the teaching programme of the Johannes Gutenberg-University.

Since 2003 the Research Unit goes by the name

”Forschungsstelle für Althebräische Sprache und Epigraphik" / ”Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew and Epigraphy."